If you're coming to the Launch Party on the 22nd of June 2017,  you'll have a chance to win a batch of STABILO prizes by participating in the event. Here are some of the prizes you can stand to win at the event:

- Best stall   ( you'll  get to vote for your favourite one - Dekko Stall not included! )

​- Best Workshop Idea  ( if you're taking part in the comic-making workshop, there will be a first, second and third prize as to the favourite IDEA of that workshop - [it will not be judged on artistic skill ~ only how cool and fun it is]). 

​- Best Dekko Character Drawing  ( Bring in, or draw on the day, a character from Dekko Comics. This one IS a drawing competition, and our best one (based on age and drawing-skill combined) will win a prize! )

- Lucky Draw  ( If you haven't won anything yet, do not worry - at the end of the night we will be doing a raffle in which 3 more people can stand to win some awesome STABILO stationery! 


Every Dekko Comics Issue we release we have a FAN PAGE where we show off the art that you readers send in, whether it's:
- a drawing of a Dekko Character

- an educational comic you've made

- a non-educational comic

- or something else entirely but entirely cool!

Scan them and send to If your picture is chosen to be shown in the next Dekko Comics Issue, you will win a prize! Others that aren't chosen (since there's only so much space in the magazine) could still be shown on the website, marked with honour.

We also invite you to participate in other ways in which you can also win prizes if what you send in is good enough for us to show in a Dekko Comics Issue and tickles our fancy.With this, you can also win prizes. These extra things you can send in include:

- Limericks

- Questions (any question you have in the universe). 

- Telling us what your favourite animal is. 

- Telling us interesting facts.

- Or something unique! 

At Dekko we're giving away prizes, and there's lots of ways you can win some for yourselves. This time round, STABILO have given us some excellent prizes to give away ~ all of which you can make your own Comic with, or just for your own art or school stuff ~ or office ~ it's all up to you...