Rossie Stone to Guest Judge at School Arts Exhibition!

On the 30th May Dekko Comics will be featuring at the Regal Theatre in Bathgate for the 2nd annual School Arts Exhibition.

Not only will Dekko Comics be featuring there but Rossie will also be helping to guest judge the competition which will feature contributions from any S1, S2 and S3 pupils from West Lothian.

The event itself starts on the 30th May and if you would like to help make the event as good as possible then you can attend the event or you can contribute to the justgiving page to try and raise the necessary money.


Below are some links videos and articles in which Dekko Comics has been featured by the media: 


Recent Study Reveals the Benefit of Comics in Education

A recent study at Sheffield Hallam University has shown that students remembered details significantly better when learnt through comic books compared to textbooks, and there was a particular quote I liked from the psychologist conducting it: "The findings of our research has provided evidence to support the idea of using comic books to create instructional materials such as text books."​​

Trial Partnership with HarperCollins in support of Issue 4

We are delighted to announce a trial partnership with HarperCollins Publishers who will be supporting us financially and with the production and publicity for the upcoming release of Dekko Comics Issue 4.

HarperCollins have already shown a great deal of enthusiasm and excitement for Dekko Comics and we are delighted to start this partnership as we mark the anniversary of the release of our 1st two issues very soon.  

We hope that this will be a long and fruitful arrangement for both parties and look forward to seeing what is possible with a company as influential and well known as HarperCollins behind us as we try to move into bigger and more ambitious projects.

Please keep an eye out for these adverts alongside the HarperCollins brand as we show that Dekko Comics is a viable product for them to continue believing in.

Media Articles and videos about Dekko Comics 

We've also released a SURVEY. It's a chance for you to tell us what subjects you struggled with at school. You never know, your suggestion could be turned into a Dekko Comic. Click the button below to fill out the survey ~ we've designed it to be very short and not take up much of your time! It only has 2 questions.