"As a Mum whose son (9 and a 1/2 years old) has struggled with reading, writing and spelling at school and has been told recently that he has dyslexia, I think it's a brilliant idea." - Jennifer Thomas

"My daughter is just the biggest fan and issue 1&2 are very well worn, read back to front so many times.
 Xanthe is dyslexic, has an amazing gift with art (she loves the artwork in your comics) and a great sense of humour which we thoroughly enjoy that runs through the comics, unfortunately reading independently hasn't been a natural progression for Xanthe she's really struggled. We've always read a wide range of books to her but there is no greater joy than seeing a child fall in love with reading for themselves to achieve and master reading and to finally see her enthusiasm for reading from your comics I just can't thank you enough! Absolutely brilliant, and I recommend them to everyone!! We're
excited for issue 3!!"

- Jennifer Wright

"You have really done a wonderful job and you deserve huge success. You have taken what was causing you problems at school and turned it around and found a solution to help so many others and make a successful business for yourself. Congratulations!!!" - Alison Cleve

"Brilliant comics! First and foremost a comic that kids will love to read. BONUS, the comics include educational information that is presented in a fun and enjoyable format. Cannot recommend enough. Please produce more!!!!" Suzanne Lindsey


"I bought the 1st comic from you today and he loved it so I have bought the second one on Amazon looking forward to him reading it."  Bria Capell

"These are simply fantastic, my dyslexic son finds reading boring and it's a struggle to get him to read.
He LOVES these and wants the next issue. He 
even said "Mum, these are really funny and I am learning things along the way". He's not ever mentioned fun and reading in a sentence before." - Rachel

"Her whole yr 7 revision has been done from your comic this weekend. What made my day was I had to ask my daughter to STOP reading edition 3 on way home or she would be sick in the car but she said "I find reading this comic like being in a ditch-easy to get in but so difficult to get out!" - Linda Parker

"I just want to let you know what a treat they have been in my classroom! I have a Primary 6/7 class with a lot of ASN especially one boy who is autistic, he adores them... and he spent a whole hour reading through a whole comic and then designing his own surrounding things he has learned in school!"

- David Crooks