"As a Mum whose son (9 and a 1/2 years old) has struggled with reading, writing and spelling at school and has been told recently that he has dyslexia, I think it's a brilliant idea." - Jennifer Thomas

"My daughter is just the biggest fan and issue 1&2 are very well worn, read back to front so many times.
 Xanthe is dyslexic, has an amazing gift with art (she loves the artwork in your comics) and a great sense of humour which we thoroughly enjoy that runs through the comics, unfortunately reading independently hasn't been a natural progression for Xanthe she's really struggled. We've always read a wide range of books to her but there is no greater joy than seeing a child fall in love with reading for themselves to achieve and master reading and to finally see her enthusiasm for reading from your comics I just can't thank you enough! Absolutely brilliant, and I recommend them to everyone!! We're
excited for issue 3!!"

- Jennifer Wright

"You have really done a wonderful job and you deserve huge success. You have taken what was causing you problems at school and turned it around and found a solution to help so many others and make a successful business for yourself. Congratulations!!!" - Alison Cleve

"Brilliant comics! First and foremost a comic that kids will love to read. BONUS, the comics include educational information that is presented in a fun and enjoyable format. Cannot recommend enough. Please produce more!!!!" Suzanne Lindsey


“Dekko comics have been the perfect project partner for our social robotics project for people with autism. From the beginning they did they best to understand our needs and working in true collaboration they have produced a work of great art combined with the science of robotics. In just two page the comic strip conveys so much than we could have done in text alone [from understanding nonliteral language to robots that can help understanding emotions]. The use of humour and pathos are subtle but powerfully used. Conveying ideas through this art form cut through traditional ways of communicating that might not work for everyone.”

- Dr Thusha Rajendran, Associate Professor of Psychology

"I bought the 1st comic from you today and he loved it so I have bought the second one on Amazon looking forward to him reading it."  Bria Capell

"These are simply fantastic, my dyslexic son finds reading boring and it's a struggle to get him to read.
He LOVES these and wants the next issue. He 
even said "Mum, these are really funny and I am learning things along the way". He's not ever mentioned fun and reading in a sentence before." - Rachel

"Her whole yr 7 revision has been done from your comic this weekend. What made my day was I had to ask my daughter to STOP reading edition 3 on way home or she would be sick in the car but she said "I find reading this comic like being in a ditch-easy to get in but so difficult to get out!" - Linda Parker

"I just want to let you know what a treat they have been in my classroom! I have a Primary 6/7 class with a lot of ASN especially one boy who is autistic, he adores them... and he spent a whole hour reading through a whole comic and then designing his own surrounding things he has learned in school!"

- David Crooks