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Mr Alex "Heyheyhey" Heywood was very much made for Dekko Comics, in a way. His whacky over-the-top style lends very well to the Dekko Universe, particularly for characters like Carl the Constipated Tadpole and Piwi the Posh Kiwi. Along with his highly entertaining craziness in his drawings, he also exerts a highly skilled technical craft. From clean straight lines to a keen understanding of lighting, texture and mass.

Alex is an extremely talented artist both in and out of his comfort zone. The great thing about him though is how he injects his outrageous, and sometimes gruesome, sense of humour into his artwork. He grew up a fan of the Beano and Ren&Stimpy (hence why he's so perfect for Dekko), and the inspirations show in what he puts on paper. For such a mellow and laid-back personality, the man has a circus going on inside his head - and although not always pretty, it's ALWAYS entertaining.

Alex is also an accomplished animator, as well as illustrator, and has made his own short film of which he made almost entirely on his own. You can check it out below, as well as more of his artwork:


Rossie Stone

Theodora is the one in charge of managing our Facebook Page. Besides the occasional posts from Rossie, she has now taken charge of 80-90% of the rest of it ~ and keeps all of you who follow us there updated on what's happening in the Dekko adventure. She is very efficient and although it is only a part-time role she works and checks up on a weekly/daily basis. It is more work than just the occasional post - for we owe Theodora much of the networking and set-ups done on Facebook, as well many of our additional 'likes' from people knowing about us. 

Theodora studies marketing and psychology in Glasgow, so is well fitted for the Facebook role currently ~ and the Dekko work adds to her studies practice. She enjoys cooking, socialising, is an avid dancer and is also a big fan of costume parties. Great Gatsby seems to have been a particular favourite...

Alex Heywood

Natalie Law

Gary has been drawing comics since a very young age, being inspired by comics such as The Beano, The Dandy, Marvel and 2000AD. One of his personal favourites was Conan the Barbarian. He's had a background in doing lots of work as a Freelance Illustrator since back when he began University, and has worked on many comics projects including independent graphic novel, 'Saltire'. He's also worked on independent animation and games projects. 

To Gary, comics were his escape when growing up. He was inspired by the heroes in the comics he read; the whole 'helping other people for the greater good' dynamic. He sees Dekko as a great way to work on what he loves towards a good cause that he believes in. 

Gary has a blog where you can see many examples of his comic and illustration material. But he's also accomplished as an animator and director. His student-film, 'The Divided', topped the quality standard of 3D films in the institute he studied in. It's definitely worth the watch:

Natalie has been drawing for as long as she can remember, and grew up watching and being inspired by cartoons ~ (Dexter's Laboratory, Cow and Chicken, Rocko's Modern Life, and more). Aspiring to be a character-designer, she is interested in making her own adult TV Show or Film in the future.

Perhaps what also makes Natalie a valuable addition to the Dekko Team is that she herself discovered in High School that using drawings, to help with her exam revision, was a seriously helpful and easy solution. She was worried to do this before as she thought it may be considered "stupid" to use drawings just to help her with studying when others didn't need it. But after discovering it she was amazed at just how natural and simple it made the revision process for her ~ even something as simple as turning White and Red blood cells into genuinely appealing characters.

She's loved animals all her life, and thus particularly has a knack for creature-design in her drawings. You can see this for yourself in the high-quality collection of work on her Facebook page; 'Natcha's Art'. She's also studied as an animator, which you can also check out below: 

Dhanishtha ('Dee') Patel is our part-time production manager at Dekko Comics. Studying Forensic Psychology at Heriot-Watt University, she doesn't physically have the time to take Dekko on as a full-time position, but what makes this woman stand out is that the time she DOES give us (which is extraordinarily generous of her) she gives us 110% and more! 

Dee is totally professional. She is hell-bent and determined on 'getting things done' and doing them well! She will take on large amounts of work, no matter how daunting, and somehow find a way to balance it with her university work ~ even if she seriously compromises her sleep on occasions. We of course wish against this for her sake, but nothing seems to get in the way of Dee's determination to see a task through to quality and completion. We are very lucky to have her on our team.

She manages side productions for the team, such as certain comic commissions, as well as helping the main objectives come to fruition. A great networker, socialiser and organiser ~ she helps keep us on our toes and covers our blind spots when we're focussed on our main goals. In her spare time, she also indulges in her artistic talents. See some of her artwork below - so see what this multitalented human being is capable of:


David "Fish Hat" Pellow

One of the crown jewels of the Dekko Team, David is a textbook example of taking your work seriously and not yourself seriously. He is an absolute joy to work with and brings a smile to all who he interacts with ~ being both professional and pleasantly charming at the same time. What better person to be head of the early Dekko Communications department, in which he primarily deals with the admin, social media, and even represents Dekko Comics at events that others like Rossie cannot make. 

If you have received an email from 'The Dekko team', it was likely sent by David. When you purchase a comic via the website, it will likely be David who is replying to you and sorting out your order. If you follow our Twitter, our Instagram, or connect with us on Linked-In, these days you chiefly have David to thank for that. His organisation is high, and his negativity and pessimism are non-existent. No, you can't have him - he's ours!

But there's more to David than meets the eye. He has a degree in Journalism and runs an insightful blog called 'Pellow Ponders', which may genuinely leave you pondering ~ for the better. He covers both light and deep topics, and sometimes can be very personal and from the heart. He is also part of an independent film-production company (keeps himself busy) and has acted and directed in many a short film. Check out 'Strung Out', an amusing and emotional short of which he directed himself - to great acclaim:


{our admin guy!}

Theodora Triantafillou


As you may be able to tell from the picture, Adam is not only valuable for what he does for Dekko but also his ability to make us smile and laugh. An indisputably nice guy with a warm and friendly personality, he's always happy to help out where he can - even if he's not specialised in the area - and always happy to learn and strengthen himself in areas he's less experienced in.

Adam has multiple jobs in the Dekko Team, but the primary one is organising promotional posters and slogans out of the already existing Dekko Art ~ making eye-catching compilations with short snappy messages. He will soon be helping us add speech-bubbles to our comics, as he increases strings to his bow.

Adam's multi-task multi-ability traits come from his lifestyle ~ as he has done English-Teaching, Ski-Instructing, Website-Design, Film-Making, Directing and even Animation! He is a man of many skills, and also a joy to be around and work with - a real asset to the team. You can find out more about the work Adam has done for us, himself, and elsewhere, by checking out his website page below; and the work collected on it:

Rossie Stone has been making cartoons all his life; ever since he could draw at the age of 4. Growing up with The Beano and Dandy ~ as well as watching films like The Lion King, Chicken Run and Ferngully until the tapes melted ~ he has always had a passion for stories that can be told through the power of drawings. 

Having a hard time at school due to his learning process, and how this affected his study-life, drawing was his respite and ultimately his resolve. It was through drawing and cartoons that he came up with a technique in his 5th year at school that changed the game for him; considerably. Now he wants to share this technique with anyone else who may find it beneficial, and he wants to do it well! "To make a living out of doing what I loves would be the greatest freedom and privilege for me."

Between graduating from School and starting up Dekko, he studied animation at University for 4 years, as well as working Freelance for a short time, while he finished his student film 'Dominic'. You can see some of his previous work below - 'SMILE' he made while he was still at school: 


Adam Hackers